September 21, 2016


“Thank you Jenny and Kevin for your involvement in the 10th annual Laing + Simmons Convention. The show was the perfect start to our weekend. It was funny (at times hysterical), it broke the ice amongst those who didn’t know each other and most importantly was appropriate for a corporate crowd and didn’t embarrass any of the participants. The self-hypnosis presentation the next day was also perfect. I don’t think there is any way we would have all stayed awake through the afternoon without having our guided self-hypnosis. Some of my staff are practising on themselves every day with great success. Thanks again, you were both extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I would be more than happy for any potential clients to call me to confirm this testimonial.”

-Leanne Pilkington, General Manager, Laing + Simmons Corporation

“On behalf of the co-founders, staff and employees of Liberty League International, I wish to thank you for the splendid job you did with your presentation at our Liberty Conference in Hawaii. Your presentation was very entertaining and “corporate friendly”. This presentation fit perfectly into our “Beyond Freedom” philosophy, making it a unique experience for all involved. We have received only positive comments on your Show and Seminar. Once again, thank you for coming all the way to Hawaii to help make our Liberty Conference so successful.”

-Tony Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, Liberty League International, Arizona, USA

“When you work on a small minesite, in a remote region of the West Kimberley in Western Australia, entertainment for employees can sometimes be a little hit and miss. Kevin was definitely a huge hit and the show was an outstanding success! Since the show, employees have not stopped asking when will Kevin be coming back again. There was an element of “fear of the unknown” in some of the volunteers, but they soon learnt that Kevin would treat them all with nothing but respect and dignity, while also providing the crowd with fantastic entertainment. All at the show had great fun, including the volunteers, and weeks later, people are still reliving and enjoying the night. Thanks Kevin and Jenny for taking the time to travel great distances and visit our small minesite, providing us with hilarious entertainment. Also a huge thank you for taking the time after the show, to talk to those who were curious about what they had just seen. We all had a fantastic night and I can’t wait for the next show!”.

-Danni Turley, Secretary, Ellendale Social Klub inc., Kimberley Diamond Company, Western Australia

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