September 21, 2016




“After the huge success of last year’s show and the distance involved in getting Kevin and Jenny here to our Mine site in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia, we decided that this time 5 days would be much more Fun and we were not disappointed. Kevin’s Stage Shows are Hilarious and are even more entertaining when you know the “volunteers” in their normal state. It’s all good, clean fun and a very good “Laugh ’til it hurts” show. During the day Kevin held sessions for us which were well received on Self Hypnosis techniques for exercise, motivation, diet and to stop-smoking etc. We look forward to getting Kevin and Jenny back next year and would recommend any other Mine thinking about having a Show with a difference to do it, as you will be impressed.”

-Bruce Lyon, Vice-President, Ellendale Social Klub Inc (ESKI), Kimberley Diamond Company

“I was so nervous after booking The Hypnotist as I was worried my 210 guests wouldn’t enjoy it or wouldn’t volunteer to participate. After being genuinely assured by Jenny I was more confident but nothing could have prepared me for the response from my guests. Not only did the 12 volunteers rush up on stage as promised but I can honestly say I have never heard more laughter ever. The professionalism by Kevin & Jenny is nothing short than brilliant and the audience clambered for the best view. The only complaint I received was people complaining the following day they had a sore jaw from laughing. I promise, I woke up laughing and weeks later everyone is still talking about it and we are still laughing when recalling the evening. A great event depends on great entertainment and even though our next function isn’t for another 2 years, my major sponsor for the dinner have already guaranteed to sponsor the 2012 event as they said the whole night, especially the entertainment was the best they had ever witnessed. My only problem is how will I do better in 2012. Well done to Kevin & Jenny who are a pleasure to work with.”

-Kersten Gentle, Executive Officer, FTMA Australia

“It is my pleasure to say with confidence that Australia Post made every effort to deliver a special night to celebrate the achievements of our licensees. The exceptional venue at the Langham Hotel needed to have entertainment to match and Kevin Grisé certainly provided us with that. The idea of a hypnotist momentarily concerned some people, bearing in mind it was a corporate event, but right from the start Kevin made the audience at ease, with the insistence that the performance would be carried out with class and integrity. It provided all with light hearted entertainment and some little hypnosis tricks we could take away for ourselves. I can still hear the loud boisterous laughter from the table next to me ringing in my ears. Since the big night, I have only received positive feedback and would recommend to anyone for any event, that this is an amazing form of entertainment that will leave you amazed and awestruck .”

-Jo Culley, Australia Post

“Wow! We wanted something totally different to entertain our guests at our Gala Ball this year and we certainly got just that! Your show was unique, lively and very funny! Guests were spellbound by the performance and some are still scratching their heads wondering how you got those volunteers from the audience to respond to you, by merely snapping your fingers. Thank you for providing a wonderful highlight to our evening – it was lighthearted fun, clean and very refreshing entertainment. We definitely look forward to booking you again for another event in the near future.”

-Gloria Krope, Consultant – Special Events, Epworth Medical Foundation

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