September 21, 2016

The Show


Australia’s Premier Stage Hypnotist is Kevin Grisé – The Hypnotist.
Kevin Grise presents world class comedy and unique corporate entertainment through his Stage Hypnosis Show. 
If you are looking for a totally unique, audience interactive Stage Hypnosis Show, which is hilariously funny and enjoyable for the volunteers up on stage, as well as the people in the audience, then ours is the perfect show ! 
Kevin is very ‘corporate minded’ and aware that his audience are often work/sporting colleagues who need to face each other at work again the following day/week.  He uses ‘volunteers’ to participate in his show and does not pick on, or humiliate anyone.  He makes the volunteers into the ‘stars of the show’.

 Kevin Grisé is an ‘all round’ performer and his Stage Hypnosis Show is the highlight of every Function!

Kevin Grise’s Stage Hypnosis Show is sensational and an absolute extravaganza !!
With over thirty years’ experience, Kevin Grise presents an empowering and hilarious performance as ‘The Hypnotist’ while delivering a powerful message tailored to client’s needs.

Using only volunteers who are medically and psychologically healthy, Kevin teaches them the art of “self-hypnosis”.  At the same time, he teaches the audience the same message, delivered in an hilarious and entertaining manner.
Kevin Grise is the ‘director’ and the volunteers of your organisation are the ‘super stars’ of the show. This creates camaraderie amongst the people up on stage, and the people in the audience, which in turn relaxes and recharges your group of co-workers / team members.
The show is a fast paced, musical, theatrical adventure, where the volunteers venture into a world of wonders of their own creative imagination.  Kevin has them believing they are ‘Rock Stars’, ‘Actors’, ‘relaxing on the Beach’ and ‘Racing Car Drivers’.  They leave the stage at the end of the night feeling totally relaxed and proud of their performance.

Kevin Grise’s mission is to show the world ‘The fact versus the myth’ of hypnosis, in a show which is personality driven, family friendly, and allows zero tolerance for foul language, sexual references, racism, dangerous stunts or humiliation. Kevin never oversteps the boundaries of good taste, ensuring the audience laughs with the participants and never at them.

Tailored to client’s needs, Kevin can incorporate particular themes, topics or goals, in order to achieve an organisations aims and objectives.
Kevin can also give deliver a highly interesting and interactive Key Note Speech.  Whether your goal is to bring your team together in a creative, lively experience, or to teach your team about Self Hypnosis, Kevin’s Key Note Speech on “The Secrets of the Hypnotist Revealed” will exceed your expectations at every level.

Our clients are telling us that it’s hard to find an entertainer who will satisfy Company requirements and exceed employee expectations!
Especially an entertainer who is totally unique, novel, fun, educational and guaranteed not to offend any of the guests.
After your event is over, what do you want the guests to be saying about the entertainment? How long after do you want them to be talking about the great time they had? And most importantly, as the person responsible for hiring the entertainment, do you want to know at the start of the event, that you have made the right choice for entertainment?
Do you have the same concerns?
If so, Kevin Grisé is for you!
Here is your chance to discover for yourself an opportunity to create an outstanding and successful event.

By booking “Kevin Grisé’s Stage Hypnosis Show”, you will:
* Provide totally unique entertainment that is guaranteed to win the accolades of the most jaded audiences.
* Hear your audience’s laughter
* See your audience be totally involved and interacting
* Hear your audience’s raving reviews
* Have no extra worries, concerns or problems

You will receive a fast paced show to help you:
* Create an atmosphere of fun
* Add audience participation
* Create laughter and applause
* Create a memorable event that will be talked about for months afterwards

In addition, you will:
* Increase morale
* Relax and recharge your organisation
* Build camaraderie

We are based in Melbourne but travel extensively around Australia and Internationally.

Kevin Grisé, The Hypnotist’s Stage Hypnosis Show is perfect for Corporate Events, Gala Balls, Awards Nights, Christmas parties, End of year functions, Cruise Ships, Trade Conferences, Associations, Sporting Clubs, Schools and Fundraisers.


Kevin’s job as an entertainer is not just to perform.  Kevin’s real job is to draw even the most difficult audience together, creating a team environment of fun and laughter – all without offending anyone!

For further information, please contact Kevin Grisé and Jenny Kanter.

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